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Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

July-September 2022

   I am deeply moved by the hurts and desolations of this world and its people. I feel a shrinking and sickening sorrow and anger in my gut. I know that compassion and connection are fundamental to the survival of all life here on Earth, and yet that does not seem to have sunk in for so many people.

   To express these strong, dark emotions in my mosaics and paintings I have turned toward the ancient Greek, mythological character, Medusa.

What We Turn To Stone - SJAC Exhibit poster 300DPI.jpg


Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

January-March 2020

In June 2019, a group of New Brunswick craftspeople immersed themselves in the wonders of Fundy National Park for five days. They were given the time and space to develop new ideas as they experienced the natural landscapes of New Brunswick, stimulated by scientific processes that shape and change the natural world.


Sheryl Crowley, Release-4 Sarah Sarty Ph

Photo Credit Sarah Sarty


Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre, St. Andrews, NB

September, 2017 

Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

July-August 2018

This solo show explores how the turmoils of the mind might be seen on the human body. This was the first showing of this exhibit.

INSIDE-OUT WORKS-CRUSH #3- 23-1-2 x 21-1

A PASSION FOR PAINTING - students of Herzl Kashetsky

Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

Opening Friday, November 4, 2016 @5:30 – 7:30pm

I have been a student of Herzl's for almost 5 years and he has taught me so much about design, colour and how to see and HAVE PATIENCE! I have 2 acrylics in this show. Thank you Herzl.


Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

Sept.9-Oct.30 2016

My mosaic "INTENTION" using stained glass 48" x 26" is part of the exhibit.


The twenty local artists in this show have (sometimes) included the same design elements in their pieces you might see in more traditional stained glass design but as painters, jewellers, fibre artists, photographers and potters, their tribute to stained glass is very individual - some fun, some fanciful, some evocative - all one of a kind.

The artists and craftspeople in this show were asked to create a piece of work based on their interpretation of the ancient art of stained glass. They were given no “guidelines” and the resulting works speak to the diversity of style and thought process of this group of creators. The featured artists are: Mary Collier-Fleet, Brian Comeau, Sheryl Crowley, Andrew Giffin, Fred Harrison, Kathy Hooper, Sue Hooper, Theresa MacKnight, Fabiola Martinez, Rachel Morouney, Bob Morouney, Mary Kay O’Brien, Deborah Payne, Gudi Pach, Joe Pach, Rob Roy, Helen Stanley, Helen Shideler, Patricia Tingley, Dan Xu.


Serendipin' Art Gallery, St. Andrews, NB


Come visit lovely St. Andrews-By-The-Sea in New Brunswick and drop in at Serendipin' Art Gallery. I have 13 pieces showing there as of Canada Day, July 1st. You may find the Gallery at 168 Water Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. 


Saint John Airport Gallery Space, Saint John, NB

Summer 2016

I have a series of six "Humanity Blooms" mosaic pieces showing currently in the Saint John Airport display cases. They are so named because of the inspirations for the series - plant forms and found metal objects mostly discovered at Habitat For Humanity's ReStore nearby.Several other artists also are showing so if you are heading out that way, stop by and take a look or see online ! Continuing May until September 2016. 


Hooper Studios, Hampton, NB

September 2012

Please join fellow artist Deborah Payne and myself on September 9th from 2-5pm at HOOPER STUDIOS in Hampton, NB for the Opening of our show. Deborah is a weaver of both fiber and paper and I am so excited to be working with her to create this exhibit. I am also very honoured to be asked to show in Kathy and Sue's gallery.

I have been doing a lot of experimentation with objects scavenged from Habitat For Humanities's RESTORE and the results will be part of this exhibit. So many interesting shapes and textures to play with!

COLOURS AND CANVAS - students of Herzl Kashetsky

Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB

May 2012


Salon Irène Grant-Guérette, Saint John, NB

March 12 2009

These mosaics, made of ceramic and glass, have been my chance to play, to get messy, to experiment, to see with different eyes. Accompanying many of them are pastels, sketches and watercolours which, for me, are part of the process of working out the shapes, colours and patterns for the mosaic


1st Solo Show..

Snail and Macaroni Oil Pastel 2012 11 x1
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