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Process of a Piece

A look at some of the process of making mosaics.

Designing a piece is a spiral unfolding. My mind does not do shortcuts. Much percolating happens over days and weeks. Erasers are worn down and tracing paper is layered and layered as ideas clarify and shift.

I love the stages of creating from a spark of an photos and sketches...honing the design...choosing materials, colours and textures...cutting and shaping...building with mortar and the great mess of grouting. Then there is that wonderful moment of cleaning the grout covered mosaic and having the finished piece revealed!

Saint John Regional YMCA Mural


Relationships flow through the core of what the YMCA/YWCA has been and is. Connecting all of the figures is a swirl of water which represents the way our actions and empathy bind us together and help us forward. Being on the edge of the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Falls, the water also connects this YMCA/YWCA to the Saint John area specifically.

The bath murals were designed for a family who loves to spend time outdoors and wanted the mural to reflect some of the natural beauty around their community. Parts of the mosaic were cut with the children of the family.

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