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The "Wired" Series 2018-20

I get rather stressed by technology. It tends to not work very smoothly for me and feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole. The clutter of all those cords drives me nuts too. Dust bunnies form on the wires...maybe they came up from that rabbit hole I fell down. All that heap of extension cords, this kind of cord, that kind of cord make a sort of entangling straight jacket for me sometimes. 

When my husband, Rodrigue and I were in Barcelona, Spain a few years ago we saw a series of Medieval tomb paintings depicting mourners while at the National Museum of Catalunya. They pulled their hair, shrieking and wailing, scratching themselves and generally loosing it. 


One contemporary feeling of frustration, one centuries old depiction of grief.  Those 2 ideas came together in this series "Wired". 

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