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Artist Statement - Sheryl Crowley

Citrus Flare Mosaic 24x14 Sheryl Crowley 2023  24x14.jpg
Artist Statement

  As a child I had a “make-it” box, a “tickle trunk” and buckets of riverbank clay to play with. I danced in my backyard and made up songs on the walk to school. I was immersed in the imaginative world.


   As I became a young adult I branched out into the wonders and potentials of the hardware store and found objects there. Perplexed store clerks would do their best to help me find the paraphernalia that I wished to use for new, strange purposes. My imagination disregards what stuff “should” be used for. Today I work primarily in acrylic paint and glass mosaic with the occasional incorporation of found metal objects. My “Make-It Box” has become much larger.

   I find myself deeply moved by the hurts and desolations of this world and its people. I feel a gut reaction, a shrinking and sickening sorrow and anger. Compassion and connection are fundamental to the continuance of our survival, the survival of all life here on Earth. We are all connected; I feel that. In the past few years I have been expressing those strong, darker emotions through my mosaics and paintings.

Being an artist is a full body, full living experience. I am opened to feel. I am compelled to create.

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